Ah, Refreshing… Grey’s Anatomy

Strap on your scrub caps and start having sex with everybody, everybody, because this week we’re talking about Grey’s Anatomy.

As this is my first script on Parallelevision I’d best explain the set-up as we continue on this crazy path I like to call “blogging.” Every two weeks I’ll be uploading a new script for an existing TV show – what those in the TV industry call “spec scripts”.

The Friday before each upload I’ll be uploading videos like this, where I explain where the characters are, the plots are, and the general background of the show I’m tackling.

After the scripts go up, I’ll do a breakdown of how I put it together, including research, format, plot and character choices – basically boring unless you’re interested in writing. But if you are interested in writing? Like WOAH.

Often I’ve picked up some plot threads mid-way, some of which may have been resolved or taken in other directions since I’ve written the story. But that’s why this site is called parallelevision, and not “what actually happened evision”.

So without further ado…

Grey’s Anatomy is the story of group of sexy doctors that work in Seattle Grace Hospital. What initially started as the story of a group of five interns has expanded into an often thrilling and often schmaltzy balance of horrific patients-of-the-week and rodgering in a storage closet tear-fests.

What initially attracted me to Grey’s Anatomy was the shiny medical drama, which I’ve always been a sucker for from the ER years. But what kept me involved, at least at the beginning, was its internal sense of humour, some genuinely strong acting, and a willingness to explore unusual takes on drama – and unusual dialogue. Over the years the steadily imploding love dodecahedrons and the inevitable stake-raising – read season five and six finales both resulting in multiple character deaths – has robbed it of its initial charm, but at times it still shows the quirky approach and ability to provoke unexpected emotion of those first few years.

The “Grey” of Grey’s Anatomy is Meredith Grey, initially our protagonist but ostensibly less so over the years. The daughter of an equal parts gifted and tragic neurosurgeon, she started life in Seattle Grace as someone with a strong sense of self-loathing with at times suicidal tendencies, but has evolved into a relatively balanced woman – and hence doesn’t get as much story action. Her love interest, and now husband, is Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy. Brilliant brain surgeon, winning smile, strong calves, all that jazz.

Cristina Yang is Meredith’s best friend, an incredibly driven cardiothoracic surgeon. In one of the series strongest, in my opinion, plots – Cristina found herself in a strange love triangle with trauma surgeon Owen Hunt and his fellow Iraq veteran Teddy Altman. What made the storyline interesting was that Cristina was its centre, torn between her love for Owen and her desire to study under Teddy’s talented hand (something made impossible by Teddy also having feelings for Owen). Cristina eventually chose Owen, and Teddy herself has had some romantic progression with diabetic patient Henry – who she married to give him access to her insurance.

Meredith’s half-sister Lexie Grey joined the cast in season 4, and has bounced from pillar to post since then – a character often in need of a storyline to keep existing (a recurrent problem in Grey’s), her main foil has been Mark Sloan, aka McSteamy. Derek’s best friend and general dick about town, Mark eventually settled down with Lexie, only to – and the situation is so convoluted I won’t go into it – knock up his bisexual best friend Callie.

Callie Torres is, despite me just describing her as “bisexual best friend”, one of the more interesting – or at least more interestingly drawn – characters on the show. Originally a love interest for now-deceased-by-a-bus George O Malley, Callie has grown fairly organically into a bisexual Latina spitfire, currently settled down with pediatrics surgeon Arizona Robbins. And, much to Arizona’s chagrin (?), pregnant with Mark’s child.

Arizona’s role as head of Paediatrics was recently thrown into flux, and she now finds herself torn between the new evil head, Dr. Stark (aka Ally McBeal’s John Cage) and bad boy turned good-ish guy Alex Karev. Karev, one of the original five interns, has always been problematic as a character. He never actually appeared in the original pilot (and was inserted into many scenes with reshoots) and has suffered ever since as being “generic bad boy” with little to back it up. Much like Lexie Grey, Alex is something of a Schroedinger’s character – who ceases to be interesting and even to exist when he doesn’t have a storyline. But we won’t hold that against them.

Rounding out the regular doctor group we have April Kepner and Jackson Avery – recent arrivals from a rival hospital, the former a virginal farm girl, the latter a saucy sexy racially erotic baddish boy. Both enjoyable, if relatively cypher-ish.

Higher up the pecking order – yes, the character list continues – we have Miranda Bailey, guiding the interns in the first few years and still a beacon of loud, shout-y, heartfelt hope. Often torn by her responsibility to her son, Tuck, she is something of a mother figure to the crew – albeit one who’s been banging nurse Eli in every storage closet worth knowing. And at the very top of the pile is Richard Webber, the “Chief”. Head of Seattle Grace, father figure of sorts to Meredith (he was banging her mother back in the day), and a relative calm among the sexy, dramatic storm.

As far as ongoing plots go, there is obviously the les-pregnancy, with repurcussions on various characters. There are also many dangling emotional threads around last season’s finale, when a crazed gunman shot up the hospital – as crazed gunmen are wont to do. Several expendable characters were killed, and the staff are still in recovery from these events.

Apart from that, there’s obvious levels of in-fighting, romantic tomfoolery, and crazy patients, but you’ll pick that up as you go along.

Also – and did I forget to mention this? – ZOMBIES.


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