Glee Script Teaser

Hey everyone,

Next Monday I’ll be uploading my next spec, an episode of Glee called – but not entirely limited to – “Chains”. Fans of Artie and Mercedes may be satiated, fans of Rachel Berry may have to step back a moment and GIVE A CHARACTER SOME AIR, y’all.

On Friday I’ll do one of my patented catch-ups to get you up to speed (it’s a continuity doozy so I recommend) before the main event, than afterwards give you a blow by drumbeated blow of how I put the thing together.

But enough of that – enjoy!

“Chains” Teaser – Glee

P.S. For those who didn’t see and were curious about the results of my 24-hour play hell, here’s the script.


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Playwright, screenwriter, sometime improv enthusiast and full-time television lover. You know, in THAT way.
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