Doctor Who Script Teaser

So it’s Doctor Who time. Or rather it will be next Monday, when I’ll be uploading the full script. But I thought I’d give you a teaser. And sure what’s the laws of time among friends?

On Friday, for all you non-Whovians (of which there are literally billions, many of whom actually reside in the Western world) out there I’ll be doing one of my  patented catch-ups. “Twenty-Seven Seconds” is actually much more of a standalone episode than anything I’ve done previously – so despite its sci-fi trappings it should be the easiest just to jump in on.

For those afraid of it all – yes it contains time travel, yes it contains aliens, but it’s all a by-product of what I hope is a nifty plot and some decent character work. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these opening pages and tune in Monday for the full whack. Cheers!

“Twenty-Seven Seconds” Teaser – Doctor Who

P.S. Hope you’re enjoying the Edinburgh Fringe reviews, I’m having an absolutely crazy month – which is eating into my time writing a spec for The Good Wife – but wouldn’t change it for the world. In other news, FUCKING RAIN.


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Playwright, screenwriter, sometime improv enthusiast and full-time television lover. You know, in THAT way.
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2 Responses to Doctor Who Script Teaser

  1. jaclynharr says:

    ?! Was this an exercise in fanfic or a script that will actually be shot?

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