100-Word TIFF: “You’re Next”

Yes it was midnight, yes there was much camradarie, but that doesn’t change the fact that You’re Next is one of the most finely crafted and well-paced horror movies you’ll see this year. Sharni Vinson goes from doe-eyed Aussie to killing machine as she faces an onslaught at her boyfriend’s family gathering – and buried amid the inventive kills and tense pacing there are innumerable moments of humour and knowing nods to the genre. A must for horror fans, a fantastic group experience, and a definite shoe-in for the “Most Inventive Use Of A Blender” award. There shall be blood.


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Playwright, screenwriter, sometime improv enthusiast and full-time television lover. You know, in THAT way.
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3 Responses to 100-Word TIFF: “You’re Next”

    • alfla says:

      It so is. I mean, it’s intellectually nothing, but it’s just so refreshing to see a heroine who can kick ass without having to be sexy about it (though Sharni Vinson is easy on the eye) and is aware of her surroundings enough to not make stupid horror movie cliche mistakes.

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