“In Plain Sight” – Amnesty Report on Irish Child Abuse

A change in tone here. For those unfamiliar with “In Plain Sight” and the Ryan report, it’s the Amnesy International investigation into the human rights abuses inflicted on children by the State and the Catholic church in Ireland.

If you have the stomach for the whole document, it’s here, but as a taster here is a list of some of what happened.


Physical Abuse in the Ryan Report


Smacking; slapping; kicking; pushing; pinching; burning; biting; punching; flogging; ear pulling; hair pulling; head shaving; beating on the soles of the feet; burning; scalding; stabbing; severe beatings with or without clothes; being made to kneel and stand in fixed positions for lengthy periods; made to sleep outside overnight; being forced into cold or excessively hot baths and showers; hosed down with cold water before being beaten; beaten while hanging from hooks on the wall; being set upon by dogs; being restrained in order to be beaten; physical assaults by more than one person.


The leather; the leather containing metal or coins; cat o’nine tails; canes; ash plants; blackthorn sticks; hurleys; broom handles; rulers; pointers; sally rods; bamboo canes; towel rollers; rosary beads; crucifixes; hair brushes; sweeping brushes hand brushes; wooden spoons; pointers; batons; chair rungs; yard brushes; hoes; hay forks; pikes; pieces of wood with leather thongs attached; canes; bunches of keys; belt buckles; drain rods; rubber pram tyres; golf clubs; tyre rims; electric flexes; fan belts; horse tackle; hammers; metal rulers; butts of rifles; t-squares; gun pellets and hay ropes.


Breaks to ribs, noses, wrists, arms and legs. Injuries to head, genitalia, back, mouth, eye, ear, hand, jaw, face and kidney. Burns, dog bites, lacerations, broken teeth, dislocated shoulders, and burst chilblains.


Bed-wetting and soiling; inattention in the classroom; left-handedness; stammering; not knowing lessons; disclosing physical and/or sexual abuse; absconding; ‘stealing’ food; talking in line; delay in obeying an instruction; “looking the wrong way” at a staff member; attending the infirmary; complaining of feeling unwell; general wear and tear on clothing and footwear; talking at meals or in bed; talking to girls; talking to boys; appearing to engage male attention; having fun; playing soccer; losing a game against an outside team; perceived sexual thoughts or actions; not being able to carry out work tasks quickly and properly; and for no reason at all.



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One Response to “In Plain Sight” – Amnesty Report on Irish Child Abuse

  1. H.E. ELLIS says:

    Holy crap. I need to be nicer to my dad (he’s from Ireland).

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