Private Practice Script Teaser

Hasn’t it been a while since my last crazy alternate world spec script for a long-running TV show? That’s right, for those of you dropping into the site recently, I’m not just all about reviews and random rantitude. I also do WRITING, y’all.

You may well remember a few months back I had a delightful spec script for Grey’s Anatomy – where the hospital was over-run with zombies and a significant number of the characters were offed in increasingly violent manners. Well I didn’t forget that Grey’s Anatomy has a spin-off sister show called Private Practice, where Derek Shepherd’s ex-wife Addison Montgomery presides over a neo-natal and paediatrics clinic in LA. So I thought to myself: why not extrapolate this imaginary parallel universe zombie apocalypse to the spin-off? And hence, we have this script.

The full thing will be up on Monday, and tomorrow I’ll have a catch-up video detailing all you need to know about Private Practice to get involved, but for now here’s a teaser….

“In Which We Fight” Teaser – Private Practice

P.S. I’m now working on a spec for The Good Wife, since I finished my new play on Monday!


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Playwright, screenwriter, sometime improv enthusiast and full-time television lover. You know, in THAT way.
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