It Is The Inspector – ERADICATE!!!

In the great Venn Diagram of TV tastes, it really was only a matter of time before the obsessive fandoms of Doctor Who and Community crossed paths. The latter forced the hand in its season three premiere, where Abed – suffering from television withdrawal after Cougar Town’s delay to a mid-season start (I feel his pain) – was introduced to the British sci-fi institution “Inspector Spacetime”.

But fans being fans, it didn’t just stop with a few jokes here and there. Inspector Spacetime and his DARSIT (Dimensionally And Respectably Suitable Inspector Transport) now have websites dedicated to their travails where fans can debate whether the Steve Carrell-starring TV movie was a success, just how awesome Constable Reginald Wigglesworth was, and whether Brooke Rhapsody and her (younger) mother Angelica “Angie” Lake are the best Associates the show has ever had.

Highlights so far include the show’s spin-offs Peacemist: Nicer Post (an anagram of Inspector Spacetime, of course) and The Mary Sue Predicaments, the famed arc words “GOOD LAMB”, and debates over just what happened in the Time Wave that lead to the destruction of every other Infinity Knight and most of the evil Blorgon empire.

As the eleventh Inspector would say: “FANDANGO!!!”


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