“In Which We Fight” – Private Practice

Shaking up the tone yet again after my ant-anti-gay rant (which you should totally post and tweet and what-have-you because it’s a debate worth spreading), it’s now time for another patented wacky spec script.

For those of you who’ve been reading for a while now, you’ll know that I’ve been dedicating at least some of my time to writing spec scripts for existing TV shows – some falling within a sort of pitchable continuity, and some (like this one) that are just outright batshit crazy.

A few months back I posted a Grey’s Anatomy episode called “Reprise” where the whole hospital was overrun by zombies. I had a lot of fun writing that (and killing some Grey’s stalwarts) and soon realised that there was an infinite potential for a sequel in the world of Private Practice, Grey’s sister spin-off.

I’ve already done a catch-up for those of you unfamiliar with Private Practice, but the most important details to take from the first zombie episode is that:

– Zombie outbreak in Seattle wipes out half the city

– Zombies in Seattle Grace kill Callie’s wife Arizona, Cristina’s husband Owen, Meredith’s husband Derek and Chief Weber

– Callie is bitten, but pregnant, and this seems to act as a sort of immunity

– Meredith is bitten and zombified, but they don’t kill her

The rest is just delightful zombie action. Enjoy!

“In Which We Fight” – Private Practice


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