Ain’t No Party Like A Bisexual Club Party…

So in honour of Eamon Delaney’s rant, and my anti-Eamon Delaney rant, and my anti-Eamon-Delaney-but-now-directed-at-the-Irish-Press-Council rant, I decided to invite a big gang of my bisexual friends over to have a discussion about the issue.

Unfortunately, as gatherings often do, the whole thing turned into a night of debauchery. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

"No YOU'RE so bisexual!"

Those People, I Tells Ya

Still some thoughtful discussion going on.


Typical Carly. Right?

Don't even know WHAT me and Rick were thinking.

Vuvuzelas: proving bisexuals are a year behind on sporting events.

Maya distracts me...

...while Tammy puts THIS on my back. Damn it!


A little later on, myself and Angela get comfy...

She's going to kill me for uploading these!


Me and Angela celebrate another successful think-in.


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4 Responses to Ain’t No Party Like A Bisexual Club Party…

  1. alfla says:

    Context (courtesy of Eamon Delaney):

    “And there are other things about the growing gay rights movement which make outsiders impatient and uneasy. Like, when did the gays and lesbian community become the ‘LGBT’, an acronym that also includes Bisexual and Transgender?

    Sorry, but this is broadening the boundaries in a way that makes many of us understandably sceptical.

    Bisexual? Isn’t that reminiscent of the loose Seventies sexual experimentation? How many bisexuals are there?”

  2. Amy says:

    I do not like this.

    I love it.

  3. Kazbag says:

    Did you HEAR

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