A (Very Grainy) Trip Through Gotham City

So I was down in NYC at the weekend doing regular NYC things like watching R.L. Stine steamroll his way through an interview and trying to find a copy of the Sunday Independent, when I stumbled upon Wall Street.

I was, of course, looking for Occupy Wall Street. And I thought I had found it, what with the carnage, police presence, torn up American flags and signs for Gotham City Stock Exch– wait a minute.

That’s right. I and my crappy crappy camera phone had accidentally gone on to the set of the new Batman film, due for release for next year and featuring, from what I can gather:

Your handy guide to exploring Lower Gotham.

And the Gotham Stock Exchange. Which, I must repeat, is not real.

An evil, GREEDY Stock Exchange, apparently. More real, then.

Just a random slogan, or name of an Occupy-esque group? The "$" signifies money; the "K" just makes it kool.

It's a ripped up American flag. MEANING.

Christopher Nolan has yet to confirm whether the Batmobile will be covered in tarpaulin for the entire film.

Also there was snow. So TWO THINGS we have learned about The Dark Knight Rises from my trip to New York:

1. A winter-time Occupy-esque riot that requires the intervention of the Batman.

2. I need a new phone.


About alfla

Playwright, screenwriter, sometime improv enthusiast and full-time television lover. You know, in THAT way.
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