“There’s A Somebody I’m Longing To See”


Over the past week there’s been so much said about Kate, and a continued conversation about depression, journalism, employers, censorship and what is right will hopefully be ongoing.

But today’s the day of Kate’s memorial. So to ensure she’s not lost in the shuffle of everything else, I thought I’d share at least one thought on an unforgettable girl. Feel free to add your own.

There are many, many things that can be said – and have been said – about Kate, but one thing I’ll always remember is how much that girl could rock a West Wing Walk. By which I mean the fast-talking high-pressure political conversations that tend to take place in any Aaron Sorkin drama. Pace to make excessive amounts of dialogue seem like movement.

The election where I think Kate cut at least some of her political teeth was the DCU Students’ Union election of 2007, where she was campaigning for Brian Smyth – a good friend of ours, but for the elections at least my opponent.

Now DCU wasn’t The White House, and student politics isn’t going to start any wars, but still I remember hearing that she’d joined Brian’s campaign team before I’d had a chance to ask her, and my stomach dropped through the floor.

Kate and the team wafting about campus, all black shirts and electioneering, a force to be reckoned with. I’d see them pass by and gulp loudly, secure in the knowledge that they probably knew some fabulous campaign secrets I hadn’t even begun to consider. But just as I’d be convincing myself that I’d better just drop out there and then, I’d catch Kate’s eye.

She’d drop me a wink, and then smile in that pursed way that made her squint ever so slightly.

And then she’d keep right on moving – safe in the knowledge that she’d impressed on an “opponent” the truth: politics and competition only matter so much, and never as much as the people that partake in them. In the end, neither myself nor Brian won. But things never got petty or messy, as student politics sometimes do.

That campaign was a strange, stressful time – but the defining memory will alway be Kate catching my eye as she sped past. And if all the elections that ever were and ever will be are just an opportunity for Kate Fitzgerald to walk, talk and wink – well I can think of no better reason to whip out the ballot box.


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6 Responses to “There’s A Somebody I’m Longing To See”

  1. John Cannon says:

    She completely won my respect during her management of Brian’s campaign. I was in that election myself, and I remember how dignified and in command she was at all times. She ran a complete campaign and I remember trying to emulate her in later years in my approach to my duties in the SU and in my management of the DCU Musical the following year. I certainly looked up to her, even though we were peers in terms of development. Great memory Alfla, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. alfla says:

    I remember one morning myself, her and Charlie were sitting around the house after a house party, making up imaginary names for a new line of mints.


    I think I cried laughing.

  3. P says:

    Hi Alan,

    Saw your comments on Twitter throughout the day. Sad post about a heartbreaking situation. There is a Wikipedia article about Kate Fitzgerald that is in danger of deletion but a few of us are trying to save it as we think it is important that what has happened over the past few days is recorded on Wikipedia. But we didn’t actually know Kate so we can only include what the controversy with The Irish Times and The Communications Clinic.

    Perhaps, as you knew her personally you would take a few minutes and add some more to it or even contact someone who would be in a position to that. The article is here:


    And the vote for deletion is here:


    • alfla says:

      Hey there guys, appreciate getting in touch. I would recommend including more about her work with Democrats Abroad, becoming their youngest head and turning an almost defunct organisation into a powerful force during the Obama campaign. She appeared on Vincent Browne several times during the election, as well as other media shows and outlets.

      She was also the Auditor (and similarly rescued from being defunct) of the DCU Debate Society during her time in university, as well as being an overall active member of clubs and societies (sounds cliched, but she was).

      Kate also worked for the Because I Am A Girl campaign in Ireland, details here:


      There is more, I’m sure, if you ask around. I’m working a 16-hour shift today so not the best to draw on.

      I look at the page now and, to be honest, it is 90% details of her death rather than her life – so I’d push for a change as well.

      Though if there’s still a push back, I’d mention that there are plenty of people on Wikipedia who are there solely because of the circumstances of their deaths. I just hope Kate wouldn’t be one of them.

      • alfla says:

        Also, would get into the Wikipedia back and forth but after logging in I find it – of course – impossible to use. Would like to contribute to the Keep/Delete thread.

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