100-Word Review: “Black Mirror – The Entire History Of You”

The first two episodes too often placed concept over character, but “The Entire History Of You” is a pitch perfect rendering of a world where every memory is stored and replayed ad nauseum. Told through the eyes of an increasingly jealous Liam and his wife Ffion, what makes the story work is how closely it hews to real life – Liam’s violent behaviour is driven by jealousy and alcohol, and exacerbated infinitely by the ability to replay the past for hints of duplicity. In the words of every couple ever: “Who’s that person in your profile photo?” A perfect finale.


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2 Responses to 100-Word Review: “Black Mirror – The Entire History Of You”

  1. conordcfc says:

    Nice review of ep 3, I liked the other two aswell! I’ve done a complete review of the series, and would love it if you gave it a read! http://conordcfc.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/tv-review-black-mirror/

  2. alfla says:

    Had a look at yours there, do agree with you on a lot but just wasn’t grabbed as much as you by the middle ep. Agree it was the most ambitious by far but just didn’t buy a lot of the back and forth, and felt it was too preachy.

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