A Good Day For Straight, Gender-Normative, Able-Bodied Men

Just in case anyone thought the world was a place where we can all get along, singing that song from that Coca-Cola ad that always appears on “TOP 100 ADS EVER!!!”, holding hands and gently spinning into a vortex composed entirely of equality.

1. Kevin Myers In “Bitches Be Trippin'” Shocker

The incorrigible and irrepressible Mr. Myers yesterday took his broadsheet trolling to new heights, by offending the statistically largest group he could in taking on the horrors of women. Choice quotes include:

“What the National Women’s Council cherishes most of all is of course victimhood”

“Much of what is called “equality” is really about the feminist right to whinge”

“[Women] don’t do chess, portraiture, higher maths, aligned parking or astronomy – invent almost nothing”

“[Female soldiers] unable to get pregnant, through incorrigible ugliness or commendably lesbian ardour”

“Here come the sisters, with their gelding shears, and no, they didn’t even invent those either”

The full article can be read at the delightful Occupy Kevin Myers site, so you don’t even have to send clicks and advertising revenue to the Independent.

Now obviously Mr. Myers is a dickhead – this is a well-established fact. But a lot of people seem to have thrown their arms in the air and said “they’re trying to sell papers” and “don’t pay attention to him”.

Fuck that. And fuck Mr. Myers. The Irish Independent are deliberately housing a racist, sexist, homophobic journalist – presumably as some kind of museum exhibit to the type of Ireland equality-minded people like me were fleeing long before the recession hit.

Fuck the Independent.

2. “Work It”, Or How I Learned To Stop Being Funny And Start Stereotyping The Trans Community, Women, Non-Whites And The ABC Network

Update: After universal panning from the “people who have sensory organs” demographic – so crucial to advertisers – ABC has pulled Work It from the schedule after two episodes. Happy days, but no acknowledgement of why other than the woeful ratings.

For those blissfully unaware of Work It, it’s a new sitcom about two men dealing with the “mancession” were they’ve become “manemployed” and are on “social menfare”, so must apply for “jheobs” to make “mancome” for their “mantgages” and “electricitosterone bills”.

They then realise that pharmaceutical companies only hire attractive women that doctors will like to fuck (how else would you sell life-saving medicines?), so dress up as women in order to secure jobs. Which they of course do.

The offense to the trans community is clear, and frankly put much better by Sinead Dolan over at Irish gay blog Gaelick:

This show is about men actually living their lives as women, which is a totally different thing. They are going to be using the same techniques that trans people spend literally their whole lives trying to perfect, and make them into The Biggest Joke. Imagine if you were trans, and had spent years working on the makeup, and the walk, and the voice, and the way you move, literally every tiny thing your body does is a learned skill, a way to make the world see you as you see yourself. Now imagine that ABC has taken all those tiny things that are so, so important to you, to your actual survival, and is using them as the butt of every joke in one of its sitcoms. That’s not only offensive, it’s wildly irresponsible.

If you need to understand why this is wrong, I’ll point to the video below.

Work It is offensive to women, because it requires a stereotypical template for the leads to copy. No carbs, lots of make-up, work is tricky Mandy!!!

And it’s obviously, clearly, blatantly offensive to trans people. But for all the hoopla and hubbub, I suspect that this argument was never heard at any point in the production process, and the head of ABC says he still doesn’t “get” why people are annoyed. Because trans people – say it with me – don’t exist. They never have in mainstream Hollywood, and with kicks in the teeth like this, they never will.

And if you need to put a face on the trans community:


3. I Hope That Wheelchair Comes With A Trans-Dimensional Flux Drive That Can Bend The Fabric Of Time And Space

In a not as depressing turn of events, my friend Louise wrote in The Irish Times today about the difficulties of finding music venues in Dublin that actually fit into the legal requirements of accessibility. I say “not as depressing”, because unlike the two above, at least Louise is voicing the right opinion in national media – and not the inverse.

That said, it’s a spitting sorry state of affairs that the legacy of boom time Ireland doesn’t even include toilets that work for 100% of the population. Louise has said that many of the venues have good intentions, but if you look at her blog you’ll see a case where such a half-assed attempt was made to install a wheelchair toilet that you would require a degree in architecture and the spine of a gymnast to utilise it.

I’d say it would be easy to slot this one into the “these people don’t exist” argument as above, but something tells me that as a loudmouth-in-the-nicest-possible-way young lady (and music journalist, venues take note), Louise won’t let this be the last we hear of this issue.

And that’s your week in the horrors.

But hey look at this:


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