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100-Word Premiere: “Mad Men”

I’m not Mad Men’s greatest fan, intrigued by its characterisations but frustrated by its pacing and distant story-telling – yet its premieres always give me some kick. Reintroducing characters who’ve been absent for some time, some have kids, some have … Continue reading

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100-Word Review: The Hunger Games

How do you solve a problem like PG? By focusing on the violence as minimally as the book does, of course. As faithful an adaptation as fans could have hoped for, Jennifer Lawrence ably carries two-plus hours through the disturbing, … Continue reading

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Anatomy Of A Finale: The Walking Dead

With finale season and season finales beginning to slowly emerge from the dry earth and shuffle towards us – plot twists squirming in their bloodied maws – I thought it might be interesting to take a look at how disparate … Continue reading

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So As Not To Line Their Coffers

Much of the annoyance at the Irish Independent’s continued editorial policy of allowing columnists – most commonly Kevin Myers – spout factual inaccuracies when condemning minorities cites how the public outrage funds the paper’s advertising interests. So below is a … Continue reading

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The Blaxploitation Of Kevin Myers

Below is a rewrite of the Kevin Myers article which appeared in today’s Irish Independent. I have merely substituted the word “black” for “gay” (or variations thereof) to give an idea of how ridiculous his views are. I’ve also used … Continue reading

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Irish Independent Continues Anti-Gay Crusade

The below is an opinion piece that appeared in the Irish Independent today. In the past few minutes it disappeared from the website so wanted to copy it over in case it has disappeared entirely. My comments on it appear … Continue reading

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