Eilis O Hanlon Insults Trans Community In Sunday Independent

Yet another step in the Irish Independent’s ongoing efforts to undermine or make fun of the LGBT community, the below article by Ellis O Hanlon on trans Miss Canada contestant Jenna Talackova, whose “reconstructive plumbing” is praised for not making her look like “Shane McGowan in a frock”.



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3 Responses to Eilis O Hanlon Insults Trans Community In Sunday Independent

  1. Pól says:

    That’s even below comment. I get the impression that the author was trying to be funny but failed miserably. Elis seems to feel that people undergo gender reassignment simply to have one-up on the ‘oppositoin’.

  2. alfla says:

    True. What’s more disturbing is that she doesn’t even address the issues, she just has such a low opinion of trans people that they’re merely a joke – not real human beings. It’s disgusting, and I used to live with a trans girl who’d be more than happy to show Ellis the unfriendly side of a tire iron for comments like that.

  3. Jayson flynn says:

    Ellis o hanlon you uneducated fool. Just because you can write a good piece doesn’t give you the right to basically insult people lives that you don’t understand you can’t comment on Transgender lives unstill you walked in their shoes. In this day and age people don’t care but people like you who can’t stop living in the past need a reailty check… Seriously Shane macgowan just because miss canada probably looks 100 times better then you doesn’t mean u
    You have to take a shot at Transgender people just to make you feel better about your self and just for your own fact there is female to male people infact I am female to male and I doing a man job and I very happy and you don’t men giving out about me stealing their jobs and I don’t the only fale to male doing a man job as a builder so grow up and stop acting like such an uneducated fool thanks 🙂

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