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100-Word Review: Prometheus

As a not-prequel prequel to Alien, Prometheus often works. As a blockbusting space horror, Prometheus often works. But in countless ways, Prometheus never gels. The tale of a group of foolhardy scientists and company men searching for the origins of … Continue reading

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Facts Aren’t Fair

I was reading an interview with Aaron Sorkin a few days ago where he discussed his upcoming – and, personally, eagerly anticipated – show The Newsroom. He was talking about how the news works now as opposed to in the … Continue reading

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It Is. And It Scares Me.

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Great Moments Of Pathos In Half-Hour Comedy

So last week my brother and I sat down in the wee hours to watch an episode of Family Guy – late stage cartoon seasons always fill me with fear ever since The Simpsons’ brakes cut out, but what we … Continue reading

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