Reich On Cue

Shortly after being highlighted on Jezebel, the “bitches be compalinin'” Feminazi meme has been democratised to highlight the idiocy of its creators.


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4 Responses to Reich On Cue

  1. DJ says:

    Probably the worst come back to a meme I’ve ever seen. This perfectly describes the humourlessness and lack of imagination of feminists and possibly women in general, that make us think you fucking suck.
    And I ain’t even talking about cock.

    • alfla says:

      I think it’s a fairly inventive way to take the meme back, and knocked all the anti-woman versions off the top spot on the website — goal achieved, no shouting necessary.

      Also, I think it’s hard to complain about someone else lacking imagination when you use the phrase “women in general”, since generalisations are about the least imaginative thing out there.

  2. dont worry about it says:

    Oh yes because women in America get treated so poorly. Fuck you. I’m all for feminists wanting equal rights but feminazis see themselves as better than men and want to kill all things masculine. Sounds like a fucking nazi to me. So instead of being a selfish bitch and carrying on a ridiculous selfish movement that doesn’t even make sense, try to worry about someone besides yourself like maybe starving PEOPLE (not just women) in third world countries. You’re so “equal rights” but you don’t even see yourselves as the same. How can you expect men to.You want to be treated the “same” but wouldn’t dare put yourself in the same category as the PEOPLE of the world and think about other PEOPLE that have it much worse than you. Fuck your female supremacy bull shit. whether you admit that’s how you feel or not. May the fall of the feminazi regime come quickly.

    • alfla says:

      Your response is entirely unrelated to what is in this piece or what these images say. If you can’t tell the difference between “standing up for women” and “hating men”, that’s your problem, not the problem of feminists.

      Of course hating men is wrong, but I’ve never actually encountered any feminist who hates men – only men like you who keep spouting about this “feminist bogeymen” that doesn’t seem to really exist.

      And if you want to look at poverty and the plight of people in third world countries, the cause of feminism and educating women is a vital part of that. That is what real feminists fight for, not the imaginary feminazis that you seem to be making up.

      Also, watch the language, dude — commentary and discussion are meant to be friendly encounters.

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