How Jennifer Lawrence Might Just Single-Handedly Save Journalism

Jennifer Lawrence Flips The Bird

lot of people like Jennifer Lawrence. Her face has many different faces, she likes a shot, she seems genuinely star-struck by the Hollywood scene, and yes (very much yes) she can act. And she’s got an Oscar to prove it.

But through all the hours I’ve lost watching her be very entertaining during interviews, the one thing that has shone through — and that I think people really appreciate — is that she has no fucking time for bullshit. She’ll be polite about it, she’ll laugh about it, but she seems aware that everyone in Hollywood should be wearing waders for the amount of bovine feces they have to trudge through every day.

Case in point, here are the questions asked of Lawrence backstage after she’d picked up the Best Actress Oscar. They start strong, but it almost immediately falls apart.

Q1. Jennifer, congratulations. What do you think this means to people who are suffering from brain disease that’s like bipolar? 

Q2. You look so great today. Great dress. What was the process of getting ready? How many people helped you? Very happy for you. How many people helped you? What was the process today to get to the big moment? 

Q4. The fall on the way up to the stage, was that on purpose? What was the fall? What happened? 

Q5. What was going through your mind when you first fell? [separate fall question]

Q6. At 22 years old, you’ve got your first Oscar, and you’ve already had two nominations. It’s awfully young to have so much success so far. Do you feel that it’s a good thing that it’s coming so early in the career?… [Lawrence asks for clarification]… You are not worried about peaking too soon?

Q7. Aside from the statue, of course, what has been different than two years ago when you were nominated when you were preparing for this date?

Q8. What did you think of Seth’s performance hosting? Did you like the boob song?

From “What was the process of getting ready?” through “Did you like the boob song?” (via two questions about her fall and an accidental insult), Lawrence came off as charming because she basically pointed out how inane the majority of the questions were.

It can take years, decades even, of hard work for an artist — be they writer, director, actor, designer, editor or any other — to end up at the Oscars, but it seems like any shiny-haired automaton with a microphone can blag their way into interviewing these people.

So if we’re looking at reasons why Hollywood can be a hollow void of vacuous entertainment, time might be better spent looking at the journalists involved instead of the talent.

In the meantime, though, at least we can rely on Jennifer Lawrence to verbally punch them in the groin when they’re not up to scratch.

Sit, Swivel, Repeat


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6 Responses to How Jennifer Lawrence Might Just Single-Handedly Save Journalism

  1. Maria says:

    I love that she was just herself and didn’t go into boring explanations. Her facial reactions to the questions were classic!

    • alfla says:

      It was very “Really? Really? THIS is what you use your one question for?”.

      These would be the worst people to grant wishes for.

      Also, have you seen the video of her reacting to Jack Nicholson? It’s amazing:

  2. Yeah but you know Gawker said it was all a SCHTICK. Oh Gawker, you really are becoming my daily pint of bitter.

  3. Hopefully she’ll stay that way

  4. cftc10 says:

    Reblogged this on cftc10.

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