“I Run, I Sing, I Swim, I Dive” – A Play

%22I Run, I Sing, I Swim, I Dive%22 Poster

My new show “I Run, I Sing, I Swim, I Dive” premiered at this year’s International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival — the latest from theatre company Refractive Lens Theatre. It tells the true story of Eva Gore-Booth, a feminist, revolutionary, trade unionist and lesbian who played a vital (and forgotten) part in Irish history. The show won Best Actress for the amazing Annette Flynn, while also picking up nominations in writing and directing for myself and director Cillian O Donnchadha respectively.

You can read the script here, and visit our company Refractive Lens Theatre to read about the cast, crew, and any other productions we have coming up.

“A play that lambasts the primacy of the familiar and accepted norms… compelling… Annette Flynn is remarkable.”

* * * * * – entertainment.ie


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