Script Consultation

Typewriter with bible script on the paper and a mug of coffee

A good script consultant is a writer’s best friend. From turning a cracking idea into a coherent plot, to putting a necessary sheen on dialogue and imagery, a knowledgeable outside pair of eyes can make all the difference.

Who Am I?

Alan Flanagan – writer, programmer and script editor for theatre, radio, film and television for the past decade.

For WildSound, I’ve spent four years delivering feedback on scripts for film, television, theatre, radio and prose. This has ranged from one-pagers to in-depth conversations, while I’ve also judged thousands of short films for their monthly film festival.

For Big Finish Productions (LINK), I’ve acted as a writer, script editor, and showrunner on dozens of hours of the company’s Dark Shadows radio series. Shortlisted for the 2015 BBC Audio Drama Awards.

For theatre, I ran theatre company Refractive Lens for four years with shows in Edinburgh, Dublin and London, and have written over a dozen plays – from historical drama to adaptation to science-fiction to horror.

For film, I’ve written and produced two short films in the past year — with screenings at Brighton and Berlin film festivals — while also writing sci-fi feature ‘Pindrop’.

For television, I have several projects in the works, from straight drama to comedy to science fiction and horror — and understand the process of combining a cracking pilot and a thorough bible to make a piece marketable.

I also lecture screenwriting at Brighton University, and with a background in acting and directing I understand how a writer can get the best out of the production machine.

What Do I Offer?

From initial one-sheeters and treatments through to full scripts in all media, I deliver concrete feedback on ways to tackle research, plotting, character, theme, dialogue and imagery — including advice on creating a professional document with industry standard presentation and formatting.

While every script and every writer is different, I know from years of experience that good script feedback cuts to the heart of what makes a story sing — encouraging a writer to amplify what’s working, to slice what’s not, and to take them from the kernel of an idea through to a document that can be confidently sent to agents, producers and directors.


Synopsis/Treatment (up to 10 pages) with written feedback = £70 (Over 10 pages, rate adjusted)

Synopsis/Treatment (up to 10 pages) with written feedback + 1 hour conversation (in-person or Skype) = £120 (Over 10 pages, rate adjusted)

Feature Script / TV Pilot (+ Bible) / Full Play / Radio Script with written feedback = £120

Feature Script / TV Pilot (+ Bible) / Full Play / Radio Script with written feedback + 1 hour conversation (in-person or Skype) = £175


Ongoing written feedback combined with three 1-hour conversations = Treatment £300 / Full Script £400

6-month script mentoring: Ideal for a writer looking to take a project from inception to first draft and beyond, this will involve an initial action plan leading into ongoing written and face-to-face feedback = £1200

Recommendation: 15% discount (for 1 session) for you and the person you recommend

Interested? Email me at

About alfla

Playwright, screenwriter, sometime improv enthusiast and full-time television lover. You know, in THAT way.
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