About Me

Hi there. My name’s Alan Flanagan, I’m a playwright / journalist / screenwriter / jack-of-all-trades from Ireland, currently living in Toronto Dublin London.

I’ve been writing since as long as I can remember, but more specifically over the past five years I’ve been writing dozens of pieces for radio, short film and theatre. I work as a script editor and one of the lead writers on Big Finish Productions’ radio series Dark Shadows, while recent plays include “Dupont & Davenport” (Ed Fringe 2014), “After/Into” (Theatre 503, 2016), and “I Run, I Sing, I Swim, I Dive” — which won Best Actress at the 2013 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.

I also write and direct short films, the most recent of which “The Charm” and “Garvey & Sayers” are currently in post-production.

That said, I’m mainly working on cutting my teeth on television at the moment – figuring out what works, how I work within it, and how I can get better with every script. If you want to have a look at anything I’ve written, just head on over to the scripts section of the site.

I’m currently enjoying my role as Artistic Director of Refractive Lens Theatre, as a programmer for the WildSound short film festival, and when not working, I like kicking back with improv, previously at Second City – where the only limit is your imagination (and the pants-staining terror of live comedy).

You can follow me on Twitter at @alanflanagan, or just keep an eye on here for more focused articles or scripts. Any specific questions, just comment, tweet or drop me an email.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. Well done on the piece on Kate Fitzgerald – I saw the piece in the Irish Times and was interested in the story but hadn’t seen the developments since Saturday.

    Out of interest, and sorry to be pedantic but I was particularly surprised as you write so well, you wrote the word “lead” as the past tense of “lead” – should this not be “led” ? Or is that an Americanism / Canadianism ?

    What’s Toronto like ? Tempted to try it out at some stage.


  2. alfla says:

    I wish I could say it was an Americanism or a Canadianism, but it was actually misspelling-ism. I’ve fixed it now, to hide my shame.

    Toronto’s a fine city, quite chilly at the moment but full of friendly people, delightfully active little neighbourhoods and a good all-round vibe. THUMBS UP. I’m slowly working my way into the theatre community here as well, hoping to put up three shows in 2012.

    So yeah, come on over!

  3. Sup man, I love reading your blog and following your thoughts. You’re a damn fine writer sir. I’ve nominated you for an inspiring blogger award 🙂


  4. Somi De Souza says:

    Well done for refusing to cave into the request to whitewash your character, and for naming the theatre company. You are officially one of my heroes!

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